About Chris Delaney - The Flying Mind Coach

I am a certified Mind Coach & hypnotherapist

Welcome to a transformative journey with Chris Delaney, The Flying Mindcoach, where breakthroughs are not just powerful but accelerated. I am a certified Mind Coach and Hypnotherapist having undergone courses with Mike Mandel, Vinny Shoreman and Colin McKay (Life Training Systems).

I am also an airline pilot of 20+ years and I currently fly the Boeing 737 series aircraft. Previously I spent 12 years flying long haul operations for a large scheduled carrier.

My approach uses advanced conversational hypnotherapy and goes beyond traditional techniques, focusing on delivering meaningful results in minimum sessions. Clients want results, they want quick impact and I am committed to maximizing the impact of each session. By delving into the power of your subconscious mind, I can guide you through a personalised experience that unlocks potential, addresses challenges, and fosters rapid, positive change. Embrace a new era of therapy, where the emphasis is on outcomes, not just methods. Your journey to a better, more empowered you starts here. Experience the difference with The Flying Mindcoach, where breakthroughs happen faster, and results speak louder than words.


  • NLP Practitioner
  • Certified hypnotherapist
  • Source pattern reset™
    including Time Line Therapy®  techniques

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