Conversational hypnotherapy and the unconscious mind

In the intricate dance of our minds, the unconscious holds immense power—a realm where our deepest beliefs, fears, and motivations reside. Harnessing this power can be the key to solving problems we might not even be fully aware of. Our unconscious mind influences our thoughts, behaviours, and emotions. Often, problems we face on the surface […]

What is Trance?

What is trance? Trance, in the context of hypnotherapy or psychology, refers to an altered state of consciousness characterised by focused attention, heightened suggestibility, and deep relaxation. It is a naturally occurring state that people may enter into regularly, such as when engrossed in a captivating book, daydreaming, or even during routine activities like driving. […]

Fear of Flying

Fear of Flying

Aerophobia is something that I am passionate about helping people with. Flying is something I came to love at a young age and it ultimately ended up being one of my careers. I have been flying commercially for 20+ years and I still take great pride and enjoyment in this job. I have met many […]

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