Mind Coaching Programmes by Chris Delaney

My Programmes

Are you really wanting to make a change for better results in your life? Take a look at the programmes below for more information on how you can make the changes that you want to.

‘Wings’ Personal Breakthrough

This exciting programme will enable you to easily get beyond problems and limitations in your life. Isn’t it time you overcome what’s been holding you back from creating a wonderful compelling future full of your own natural resources? Do you want to gain wisdom from past and use it for future experiences, allowing you to move forward with confidence and conviction to achieve your goals?

The Destination (Goal setting)

Are you a resourceful person free from a negative mindset? Are you frustrated that you struggle to complete goals or find difficulty in creating and managing your goals?

Fear of flying

Are you terrified of flying? Is the thought of getting on an aircraft too stressful resulting in avoidance? Does the thought of an airport or aircraft make you panic? Why not speak to a current airline pilot and book a fear of flying session to enable you to successfully remove this phobia?


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