The Destination - Your future

Setting goals no matter how big or small requires the use of a well defined process to realistically achieve them. This programme will involve one 4hr session either remotely or in person involving the following steps.

  • Define & create - Setting a goal requires a specific detailed description of what you want to achieve. Too much or too little information can cause confusion and a complexity that won’t move you nearer to your goal. This phase is extremely important to provide the clarity required for you to be on your way to achieving your goal already. Now you know what you want, it’s time to plan and breakdown each step of the process to achievement. We will look at many more parts of the model including timeframes, pathways to success, flexibility and measurement.
  • Resourcing - What do you or don’t you have to realistically achieve your goal? In this step various techniques will be used to reinforce your natural abilities and give you the required focus, belief and confidence to achieve your target.
  • Review & Responsibility - The ability to accurately review a process is key to noticing what changes need to be made and to remain flexible in support of your target. With a clearly defined pathway to achievement it will be necessary to review each step of the process to determine if you’re still on target. We are all responsible for our own behaviours and actions. To reach a goal requires 100% motivation, support and focus. It will be key for you to take responsibility and control of achieving your goal.

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