Personal Breakthrough Programme

Welcome to the transformative realm of The Personal Breakthrough Program.

Here, we embark on a personalised exploration of your unique journey, intertwining your personal history with the challenges you face. Through the potent tool of conversational hypnotherapy, we delicately begin unraveling the intricate knots that have hindered meaningful change in the past. This program is designed not just to address the surface issues but to delve deep into the subconscious (where the problems and answers to those problems live), unlocking the doors to profound insights and solutions.

My focus is on creating the ideal trance state for you, providing a space where inhibitions dissolve, and the mind becomes receptive to positive transformation. As The Personal Breakthrough Program unfolds, you will go through a process of self-discovery, helping you confront and release what has been holding you back. It’s not just about addressing the symptoms, it’s about reshaping the very fabric of your thoughts and perceptions.

Together, we navigate the landscape of your mind, identifying and transforming limiting beliefs, fears, and patterns that have persisted for far too long. The goal is clear, to pave the way for a positive future that aligns with your authentic self. The Personal Breakthrough Program is your key to unlocking the potential within, facilitating a journey toward lasting change and personal empowerment. Embrace the transformative power of hypnotherapy, and let’s unravel those knots together, paving the way to a brighter, more fulfilling tomorrow.

This programme is ideal for clients that want to quit smoking, have weight issues, loss of self confidence, motivation challenges and those wanting to deal with anger, sadness, fear, hurt & guilt.

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