'Wings' Personal Breakthrough

This is a life changing programme designed with 5 main steps below.

  • A detailed personal history and how it relates to the problem - We all have a life history full of different experiences perceived both good and bad. If we are to understand our limitations, we must look at our life history to gain an understanding of certain events or experiences and how it has structured the problem you have today.
  • Find out your beliefs, desired goals and outcomes - Our beliefs give us personal power to either achieve something we set out to do, or they deny us the ability to think we can achieve what we truly desire. During this breakthrough process we will find out what your beliefs are and whether they are resourceful or not for the outcomes you want. You will have an idea of how you want to do things differently and what goals you want to achieve. This will help shape the final step of the programme relating to your future.
  • Techniques to release negative beliefs/emotion and conflicting parts integration (Source pattern reset process). Every experience we have in life creates an installation point in our brain and attaches a positive, indifferent or negative meaning to it. If the experience is negative, the patterns created in the brain produce a particular state/emotion, that creates negative feelings or beliefs about who we are or how we feel about something. This can be extremely limiting to us and will hold us back in many aspects of our life. In this part of the process, creative linguistics will be used to unlock the problem in conjunction with Time Line Therapy® to release the negative emotions and beliefs.
  • Elicit and reinforce your resources to put you on the road to a brighter future - We are all resourceful people and we have all the resources required to achieve our desired outcomes. What are you good at? What have you already achieved? Are you even aware of this? Working towards a brighter future, you will already have the internal tools required to make things happen. Hypnosis, anchoring and many more techniques are utilised to leave you in no doubt about what you’re good at and what you can achieve.
  • Post programme support to review and refine your goal setting - Once the breakthrough programme is complete, you will have a new way of doing things, a belief you can achieve what you want and you will take personal responsibility to put this into action. Assisting you to make this transition will be available for all clients by way of follow up and if necessary further support.

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