What is Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)?

Created by two Americans Richard Bandler and John Grinder, NLP is a “modelling” linguistic tool that allows us to model exceptional people in order to gain an insight into their beliefs, values, thinking patterns and strategies. NLP when broken down means, NeuroThe neurons of the brain and the way we process information (sensory/motor etc), Linguistic – The way we language our internal representations (from our filtered life experiences) and communicate (both verbal and non-verbal), Programming – The meaning we give to our filtered life experiences creates a behaviour which can either be resourceful, or it can create an undesired behaviour which can be changed and re-programmed.

We can use NLP and hypnotherapy to create a compelling future full of our natural resources, we are all resourceful people are we not?

In the opposite sense, we can use NLP and other techniques to unlock our limitations, reprogram a new future and rid us from negative emotion holding us back.

NLP can be used for just about everything in our life that we have a strategy for, simply the way we go about things.

We are constantly communicating with our internal and external environment and NLP helps us to understand the way we language our thoughts and feelings. Once we gain control of this, can we then understand how problems have been created and a way of achieving positive results is then learnt and implemented.

I have personally found NLP to be very powerful and it has given me much insight and wisdom to improve areas of my life. 


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